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Welcome to Gone Active, a website and blog for those with Parkinson’s and their carers, supporters and fundraisers. Here you can share experiences, tips, ideas and examples of how to be active with Parkinson’s.

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Current Challenges:

Table Tennis – GAME ON!
Andrew Cassy is our latest blogger with BIG ambitions too.

Andrew wants to encourage people with Parkinson’s to try table tennis, “the best brain sport activity”. If required he will even help you to establish TT as ‘therapy’ sessions for your local area. He ultimately is aiming to get the first UK/England squad to attend the next ITTF Foundation Parkinsons TT World Championship

London 2012 Paralympics Games Maker
Ping Pong Parkinsons

His blog will report the journey from YOPD in 2010 through to attending the ITTF Parkinson’s TT World Championships expected to occur towards the end of 2020 – thanks to the inspiration and motivation from Nenad Bach ‘Ping Pong Parkinsons‘ and Ian Marshall from the ITTF Foundation.

Posts will be made related to :

  • EDUCATION: exercise research and the benefits thereof specifically related to PD
  • EXERCISE: finding or setting up your local TT session club 
  • ENGAGEMENT: taking part in local & national tournaments for PD table tennis players
  • EXCELLENCE: creating the first UK/England team to be represented at the next ITTF Foundation Parkinsons Table Tennis  World Championships

Check out the Gone Active TT pages and TT blog posts for details.
And most of all, have fun whilst exercising with TT.

Epic Cycle Journey

John is cycling from southern Thailand, through Malaysia to Singapore in November. You can donate to his fund raising via just giving here:


Enjoy our blogs!

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Activities for all, no matter the age, with Parkinson’s or supporters and fundraisers

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