Enotrac LeJoG Day Fourteen – Finish!

Breakfast came and we were all still alive and accounted for despite the experiences of our Haunted Guest House. The proprietor while running an old spooky building surprised us all by being very charitable and making a very kind donation to our Cause.

The first ascents of the day were tortuous – as if we hadn’t been challenged enough, the climbs out of Helmsdale were near vertical. Felt like we were cycling, not so much to John O’ Groats but up to Heaven.

We followed the North Coast 500 all the way to our destination of John O’ Groats, indeed we had reached Heaven. We now see why it’s listed as one of the top coastal routes in the World. It boasts some of the most staggeringly beautiful and diverse scenery with jutting mountains, serene lochs, large sea caves, deep glens and Caribbean-style beaches and some of the oldest rocks on the planet. With this, The North Coast 500 was a spectacular finish to our Cycle Challenge with stunning sights and photos for us to all to take.

We achieved what we set out to do, to reach John O’ Groats as a Team within 2 weeks. Our route recording just over 900 miles. Our resolve was certainly tested with more than our fair share of very strong winds and heavy rain. Some ascents were tortuous and some high speed descents slippery and dangerous. Most suffered from the time absorbing fast tempo of eat-cycle-shower-eat-sleep and some even felt deprived of sleep. Each of us had something we could have moaned about but all learned not to surrender to that discomfort and sometimes pain. In reaching John O’ Groats, discomforts have been overcome and each of us has learned not to give in. Because of that, each of us will be a better person.

We have raised nearly £6000 for Parkinson’s with donations still coming in. We have met some really lovely people during our journey and been made to feel humble by their stories of Parkinson’s and been overwhelmed by the charitable donations received from people along the way.

Our support team and family and friends have been wonderful.

Thank you to our sponsors, Power Earth, Aware Promotional Merchandise, Bhalloo Consulting, Uni-t Associates and Neil Knight from Welcome Gym (Sutton)

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