Enotrac LeJoG Day Ten

We have today gone up through Edinburgh and crossed the Firth of Forth drawing Day 10 to a close with 643 miles (1029 KM) completed. All of the Team are showing great strength and focus to finish the task. They have cycled through some appalling weather conditions, very strong winds and rain and even hailstone that seriously hurts when it hits your legs and face. They take on any ascent as a matter of course now and without any great difficulty.

I have to say I am surprised and didn’t think we would see such determination from all to complete the task. It is their will power that has brought them this far. Naturally, their is immense tiredness and each with some specific soreness that brings a harmony to the Team. I see less selfishness and more of a Team orientation.

We had advertised for a volunteer support driver/helper to join us and assist. Giedre, a young female responded to the advert with several others. She has proven to be a gem, thinking ahead to support the needs of the cyclists, very flexible and resourceful in resolving support issues behind the scenes. She is an excellent driver and navigator.

I am confident that all will complete the Challenge this coming Friday but for accidental injury or, some unknown of the elements that makes such challenges interesting. We just need to stay cautious and maintain the determination and focus that all have shown thus far.

The Team orientation develops noticeably each day and the dynamic is now much better.

Support from all who meet us along the journey is overwhelming.

This evening we have Neil and Sigrid bringing cakes along – just what we need !

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