The ThaiMalaySingapore Cycle Challenge. Day 0

Sunday 2nd November: We leave London Heathrow at 1100hrs and Singapore Airways takes us to its home land in 12 hours arriving their time at 0700hrs. We have 7 hours to kill before flying up to Krabi. Changi airport is considered by many to be the best airport in the world and terminal 3, our entry point is superb. We take a taxi to Little India in the heart of the city, buzzing with Indian culture or it would do if it was open when we arrived at 0900hrs.. its main street opens at 1100hrs so we walk its paths and admire the temples and art graffitied walls. We return to terminal one and walk into The Jewel shopping centre attached to the terminal with its 460 shops and jaw dropping waterfall, an incredible sight creating a lifestyle must visit tourist attraction. Heathrow, eat your heart out!

We arrive in Krabi at 1600hrs and find our way to our hotel in the centre of town where we meet up with Sang and our Thai driver.

Krabi town is a delight with hidden treasures you have to unearth. Maharaj Food Market is a classic example of this. A superb fish and vegetable wholesale market. There may be meat as well but I didn’t have time to find it.

Sang bought two new bikes locally and need be fitted with with pedals, handle bar extensions and the gps. It was decided to do this the next morning because John and Mark were needing there beds after 24 hours in transit and no sleep!

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