The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day Two

Wednesday 6th November. A Day of Reflection and Calm

So, time for John to rebuild and let his body react to the fall and get stronger. We spent the morning at our guest house in Sikao. John mostly sleeping, Mark writing the TMS blog and Sang walking the beach. We regroup at mid-daypack the Toyota and leave Pakmeang Beach resort at 1pm heading for Tarutao National Park close to Satun. About a 110kms drive. So we had all afternoon to get there and no bikes to use and therefore planned a couple of Thai Wonders to visit on the way.

The first stop was the Kuan Kaeng Hot Spring in Kantang. thermal swamp land which has been developed into a tourist attraction. A series of lakes with water temperature from 44 to 60c with part artificial and part natural ponds. The sensation of touching the water and feeling a very hot bath is surreal. We walk the raised walkway through the jungle for about 100 metres and look down on the swamps. 

From there we travel to Kantang and had a fantastic fried tilapia fish with rice and stir fried vegetables. Mark was allowed to film the kitchen preparing the food, which was very Keith Floyd, but without the wine! 

After lunch we drive to Kantang railway station, opened in 1913 and retaining its original wood finish and paint colours. A time warp building a beautifully presented.

We arrived at our destination for the night at Amphoe La-ngu-Pak Nam. A small resort of about six bungalow rooms overlooking a small bay of fishing and tourist boats.

Lady luck had returned to John. The daughter in law of the owner of the resort is a nurse and took pity on him and spent about an hour replacing all the dressings about his head, arms and torso having cleaned the areas effected by the fall. Before this she and her husband travelled to the local chemist to stock up with the necessary cleaning fluids, bandages and plasters. Let me assure everyone it wasn’t a pretty sight and John was very brave to have the treatment and replacement because it was probably agony, but necessary. Here is one image of his head being cleaned… You should see it in the flesh, so to speak…

You should see the image directly after the fall…!

So the day wound up without any horror stories. More a history of art and a geology day and a further appreciation of the beauty of this part of Thailand and its people. Perhaps we should leave you with an image to entice you back for Day Three.

1 thought on “The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day Two

  1. Awe-inspiring, brave.
    John, you quite literally throw yourself into your challenges. You’re a legend and a #parkinsons hero. Recover well and be safe.


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