The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day Eight

Tuesday 12th November: We travel to Seri Kembangan just south of Kuala Lumpur. Today is one of logistics. How much cycling can the boys do and how little but effective time in the Ford can we get away with and still reach our destination. We needed to get somewhere close to KL to keep on schedule but the boys needed to do some serious miles today. After a 20 minutes meeting around the table in the hotel reception after breakfast the four of us agreed that it would be best to eat some miles in the Ford to start the day and get to the quieter roads between the motorway and the coast. So we spent 2 hours travelling to the north coast of Selegor province and then let the boys free at 1045.

Through dense plantations of palm trees, cultivated for the oil, that seemed to cover hundreds of square kilometres and with poultry and duck farms in abundance the boys had great cycling roads. Hardly any traffic to get in their way and what there was of it was courteous and with no aggression. Perfect cycling country, but perhaps some hills would have added a little extra taste! We stopped for lunch at the ubiquitous crossroads cafe at 1230 and ate the usual mix of curried chicken, duck, fish and vegetables with rice and deep fried potatoes, bananas and other delights which we couldn’t put a name to!

Back on the bikes again and a repeat of the morning for four hours. Perfect weather at around 29c with a gentle breeze. No rain. A total mileage of 70 miles is recorded.

We finish the day arriving at 2045hrs at the Unicorn Hotel in Seri Kembangan, overlooking the Seremban Highway to Kuala Lumpur. It never sleeps. There was little time to eat and so John popped along to the local Macdonalds and Mark saved himself from himself. Thunder and heavy rain return around 9pm and the view from the sixth floor bedroom window is great first thing in the morning.

John’s PD doesn’t seem to hinder his progress on the bike. He has minor cramp issues with his hands and there continues to be an issue with his left wrist from a probable sprain on day one. However he is noticeably unsteady on his feet when walking and there are occasions when stationary he continues to shake. His speech is become slurred on occasions or laboured when trying to get the words out, having found them. None of these symptoms are related to his cycling. Simply the PD progressing, like the four armed serpent playing a game of cat and mouse. The cat will eventually win.

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