The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day One

Tuesday 5th November. Ok. So its the start of a new cycling challenge. New route, similar pattern. Up early, meet the guys, have breakfast, load the van and be away by 0900 hrs. We drive out of Krabi for about 10kms towards Tiger Cave Temple, a sacred site north east of the town where we let the intrepid duo free and on the bikes to start the day’s ride. About 110 kms if all goes according to plan, heading for Sikao. The route should be through the undulating palm and rubber forests above the coastline and relatively easy going for the two experienced cyclists.

Life can change with the wind, the turn of a card and toss of a coin. And so it does for John. A pot hole is the turn key to this story. At about 1015hrs John attempts to cycle around a hole in the road, loses traction and in slow motion goes over his handlebars and shares his head, right high cheek bone and ear followed by his arm and legs along the gravel road where he remains, concussed. After over 11,000 miles of cycling John has his first real major accident. But he can’t remember any of it. His body is limp as we get to him moments later. The ambulance is called and arrives within 10 minutes and inside 40 minutes of the accident we are at the hospital in Krabi where over the next two hours John is cleaned and bandaged with four stitches to his right eye brow and the same behind his right ear. He isn’t a happy bunny. Well most of the time, but can smile for the camera!

Considering everything, John was very lucky to have only deep grazes and a few stitches. No broken bones, no damage to his DBS surgery so hopefully no long lasting issues. Simply rest for a couple of days and let the sore parts heal. The hospital were brilliant with expert care and attention. They couldn’t be faulted. Thankfully John has insurance so the 17,350 bahts bill (£470) should be retrievable.

We left Krabi at 1330 and drove to Sikao, a dreamy quiet resort with an beautiful empty beach to calm and sooth John’s body and our nerves.

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