The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day Ten

Thursday 14th November. To Batu Pahat. This should be a short distance day of about 110kms which gives us flexibility on how to deliver it. The day should start with Mark and John going to breakfast at 0700hrs, but John had overslept, probably partly due to the long distance covered the previous day and also because he had been for a 90 mins Thai massage the night before which was brutal and got him to bed past 2300hrs!, His PD was also playing up so he started the day in a sluggish mood and was only firing on three cylinders. We say goodbye to Eddie at 0815 and meet the new driver called Tina who had driven down from Kuala Lumpur, having set off to 0400 hrs to be with us at the start of the day. The plan was to do a 5kms transfer out of Melaka and then set the boys free to cycle the rest of the day via Muar and then along the coast to Batu.

Although John cycled well during the morning he still felt exhausted, yet managed 30 miles. How many mere mortals could do this?

The Malaysians love their cars, no matter what. It it has four wheels and can go they will stamp their identity on it! Here is one car spotted a garage today..

When we stopped for lunch at Muar we could see black clouds closing in and as we left the lunch stop the heavens opened. The bikes were in the van and we travelled the rest of the journey through torrential rain with thunder and lightning to reach Batu and our hotel at 1430. The rain continued to 1700 and John took to his room and caught some much needed sleep. John and Mark went for a walk around the town before dinner which lasted 3.5 hours (!) and called it a day just before 2200 hrs. Blimey, what did we talk about?? Life’s rich tapestry. How dramas aren’t made out of a crisis however traumatic it may become. The embracement of life and support for loved ones. What we have each learnt after over 60 years this planet. There was much laughter, much to the internet of the restaurant staff!

In some ways it was a wash out kind of a day with less than half the distance covered on the bikes but even if the weather allowed John wasn’t up to the task. His PD had got in the way. In other ways it was a real rarity. Two mates having an honest soul searcher. Game on.

The hotel was getting into the festive spirit and had already decorated the Christmas tree. Here is John sprinkling his love… Amen.

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