The TMS Cycling Challenge: Day Three

Thursday 7th November. We start the day early as we were advised to see sunrise over the bay and needed to be there for 0615. John, Sang and Mark duly obliged only to find sufficient cloud cover to blot it out. Plan B was to visit MuKo Phetra National Park, a stones throw from where we were staying and free to enter before 0800, and its 0625! Five minutes later and we are in and walking the raised platform along the coast with 450million year old rock formations around us.

We return for breakfast at 0730 and chat with Ben, the lovely nurse who treated John the previous evening. John wanted to give her a thank you gift and she thought a first aid kit for the family guest house would be appreciated. John described how Deep Brain Stimulation works with Parkinson’s and how his surgery has helped him even though it is only currently working at 50% capacity.

The game plan for the day was to get close to the Malaysian border and aim for Satun, about 115kms. The big question was how to complete the task. John was really focussed to get back on the bike but both he and Mark had concerns about his accident on Monday. Did he pass out before coming off the bike or when he hit the ground? After much soul searching John and Sang took the bikes out for a couple of kms and returned happy to give it a go and at least try some time on the bike.

We arrived at our destination after a wonderful day travelling along peaceful roads surrounded by rubber plantations at Amphoe Khuan Don -Yan Sue, just west of Satun at about 4pm. John cycled 56 kms. Every part of his body ached, his head thumped and his ribs screamed pain which stopped him taking full intakes of breath, which isn’t good when cycling. But he was delighted with his achievement and relaxed in the hotel pool before dinner.

We said good bye to our Thai driver at the end of the day as his vehicle would cause issues with state border guards as we worked out way down through Malaysia. The driver and van had been excellent, the Toyota consumed with ease the three of us, bags and bikes with ease. It was to be sorely missed!

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