Practice makes perfect… ?

My Man-Cave

The lockdown literally took the wind from my sail and turned in to a  real S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N. Not only have I got into gardening – at long last mutters my wife. I’ve had lots of free time to make the most of the loaned TT table (thank you very, very much BT TT Club) and my newfound robot friend ‘Roberto’ in my garage Man-Cave. 

Newgy Robo 2040 Drill Programme

This set up has allowed me to have a knock whenever I had a few minutes, sometime hours, to spare. I’ve even been in there before 6am on a sleepless night. In the absence of my coaching buddy, Kennedy, I’ve used many of the free and high quality coaching video channels you can find on YouTube – here’s some of my TT Channel list in random order ( if you’re interested in teaching yourself, find a coach style you prefer and work through their video playlist). 

A sample of You Tube Coaching Video Channels

Whilst the videos and coaches are mostly very good, in practice I am probably just perfecting my own imperfect style. But after several thousand ball hits, surely somethings should be a little bit better – if only my stamina. You’ll have to play me to find out.

Although the Covid-19 situation may be thawing a little, I’ve personally written off the rest of this year or until a vaccine is available. However, there is still hope and a light at the end of the tunnel with a new date been rescheduled for the 2nd ITTF Parkinsons World Table Tennis Championship, being held in Berlin, now 22-24 April 2021. PWTTC 2021 pre-registration is open again, with further details to follow after they’ve worked out the logisitics for coping with upto 300 players from all nations. 

PWTTC 2021 – Open Now for Pre-Registration

So, time to restart the hunt to find a UK squad to attend PWTTC 2021 

Watch out for my next instalment of this rollercoaster ride of a journey to these championships.

2 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect… ?

  1. Hi my names Wendy I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s some four years ago, I would
    Love to join a tt club but don’t know where to start any help appreciated


    1. Wendy. Hi. Thanks for responding. If you read the rest of my blog posts that should give you some starter ideas. You could then join our Facebook page to discuss further. Let us know how you get on.


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