Enotrac cycles LeJoG for Parkinson’sUK

Imagine an amazing cycling trip, a life-changing experience, all whilst helping an incredible charity. We had that thought 6 months ago and here we are just days away from our LeJoG Cycle Challenge. Thank you to all those who have donated so far. It is very humbling to see so many charitable donations and it makes the ENOTRAC Team more determined to succeed.

The enormity of the challenge has hit. We have trained by cycling only small distances and have no idea how cycling 1000 miles will affect us. It will very much be a journey into the unknown. There will be the inevitable lows during the trip as we spend many laborious hours pedaling up the length of UK and its rugged landscape from the desolate moors of Cornwall to the lochs and peaks of the highlands. The route allows us to mostly escape traffic but then gives us the disadvantage of riding a twisting undulating ribbon of tarmac. There is trepidation around tired legs, enough food and drink, sleep deprivation and serious injury from many thought-up scenarios.

On Saturday 10 Aug, the physical and emotional journey began…

The brilliant Enotrac LeJog Video:

You can see the video of the LeJoG here:

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