Gone Running with Helen Vernon

Helen’s Story:

My dad our hero

I’m planning on running 150k in June in support of Parkinson’s uk. I don’t overly enjoy running and I find each run quite a challenge so this target won’t be easy but I feel it’s a small sacrifice for such a good cause. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 20yrs ago and it has stolen so many wonderful things from him, deep sea diving, canoeing, walks up Rhiw hill all those wonderful hobbies he enjoyed so much and brought him so much happiness had gone by his mid 50’s and it’s truly heartbreaking to watch him struggle everyday but he is our hero and I can honestly say I have never heard him once complain – he continues to fight on and he will not give up.

Having ran 100km in May and donating £50 towards the charity myself I am so proud to say that I have ran 86.78km in 10 days, mostly fell running, it’s just myself, my music and determination to blast 150km, maybe reach 200km if I can. I’m no way the fastest or a marathon runner but I’m only in competition with myself to raise awareness for Parkinsons. I am thrilled that together with my friends we have now raised 130% of my target amount for Parkinson’s UK.

28th June: I completed my challenge with a final run today of 17km which has brought my total up to 200km, hoorah!

If you would like to support me please go to my just giving page here


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