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Table Tennis – the best therapy for people with Parkinson’s?

As a life long (mediocre) player of TT, Andrew Cassy (@BoytonBoy) is convinced TT is a significant factor in the slow progress of his early onset PD since diagnosis aged 44 back in 2010. Nenad Bach, the singer /song-writer and creator of Ping Pong Parkinsons would agree too. You can hear his powerful and positive story in the video below.

“Table tennis is the world’s best brain sport”

Dr Daniel Amen, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology [1]
Ping-Pong Parkinson’s

“[TT] can be the best possible therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease”

Prof. Miran Kondric, Chair ITTF Sports Science Committee [2]

Table tennis is good for developing control, speed, agility, balance and strength without risking serious injury [3]. TT is also used in the USA (SAEF) and UK (BAT) as a beneficial therapy program for patients with early stages of Alzheimers and various forms of dementia.

The power of ping-pong over Parkinson’s

Some of the many health benefits of table tennis include:

  1. A mental workout: it’s like aerobic chess, utilising many different parts of the brain simultaneously; focus on tracking the ball, determining the spin and strategising shots
  2. Well-being: social interaction and mental well-being helps to reduce depression and anxiety through playing a fun and competitive game
  3. Cardio-vascular: the fast-paced, short movements develop gross and fine muscles and rapid reflexes whilst burning calories
  4. Physical: rapid eye movements, balance, control, and easy on the joints
  5. Inclusive: suitable for all levels of ability and agility
Ping Pong Parkinsons
ITTF Foundation

This blog will report on my journey from YOPD in 2010 through to attending the ITTF Parkinson’s TT World Championships (fingers crossed) in 2020.

Posts will be made related to :

  • EDUCATION: exercise research and the benefits thereof specifically related to PD
  • EXERCISE: finding or setting up your local TT session
  • ENGAGEMENT: taking part in local & national tournaments for PD table tennis players
  • EXCELLENCE: creating a team to represent UK/England at the 2nd ITTFFoundation Parkinsons TT World Championships

You can follow my progress through this Parkinson’s Gone Active blog site and social media:

Twitter: @BoytonBoy and @PDTT_UK
Facebook: ParkinsonsTT_UK group or PDTT.UK


[1] Dr Daniel Amen member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,
and a Japanese Table Tennis Association sponsored clinical study on “The
Effectiveness of Exercise Intervention on Brain Disease Patients: Utlising Table
Tennis as a Rehabilitation Program

[2] https://www.ittf.com/2019/10/08/establishing-close-relations-promoting-parkinsons/

[3] https://www.mdsabstracts.org/abstract/a-pilot-study-of-the-feasibility-and-

[4] http://www.saefusa.org/why-table-tennis
[5] https://www.batfoundation.com/bat-therapy-table/

Edited by Andrew Cassy

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