About me

Exercise is medicine for PD.
TT is one of the best sports therapies,
and it’s fun too.
All views are my own.

Andrew Cassy

Young(‘ish) onset, tremor dominant form can be slower progression than some, for which I am most grateful. I am convinced the following have assisted enormously too:

  • Taking control of my condition, through partaking in research studies that I feel I can contribute towards for finding a cure, whilst learning more about the disease.
  • Leading a relatively (pro-)active lifestyle has helped enormously too – daily dog walking, long term league table tennis player and not-as-often-as-i-use-to-be cyclist.
  • Together with a generous dose of positive outlook, and an early medical retirement in 2017 which has eliminated a lot of the day-to-day stresses.
  • Last but certainly not least, all the support my loving family and friends – too many to name check. Amen.

Parkinsons Volunteering

Aldeburgh PD Cafe Host
at The White Lion Hotel

Parkinsons PPI
and serial research junkie

Research Interest Group
East of England RIG

PD TT UK Ambassador
Self assigned

Add Your Past Experiences

Games Maker, London Paralympics (Summer 2012)
I was fortunate to work for a large company who sponsored the Games and got to spend two glorious weeks in the front of house team at the Wheelchair Rugby venue in the magnificent Queen Elizabeth II park.

Parkinson’s Diagnosis (2010 – present)
I noticed the slight hand tremor a year or two earlier, which I put down to the stresses of work at the time. However, atypical Parkinsonism was diagnosed after a DAT scan.

Table Tennis Player (1980 – present)
Thanks to the woodwork teacher at my secondary school for running a lunchtime TT group on school-made desktop tables. Though my bad habits were probably formed whilst playing doubles in a single garage at my best friends home.
Joined BT Defiants TT team in 1992 and played for the club in the local Ipswich league ever since.

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