Here is a list of the key references and resources I’ve found related to Table Tennis and Exercise that maybe of interest to people with Parkinson’s and other related neurological conditions. Any relevant resource suggestions are welcome.

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Exercise, in general

Webinar: Exercise and PD
Webinar discussing recent publications around the theme of exercise in Parkinson’s. The panel, chaired by Professor Patrik Brundin comprises clinical expertise from Professor Bas Bloem , pre-clinical expertise from Dr Jakowec and patient views from Professor Karen Raphael, an epidemiological research scientist.

TT player eye-sight reaction times vs fighter pilot
An interesting comparison of a top TT player eye-sight reactions compared to those of a fighter jet pilot.

Table Tennis

Picking up a pingpong paddle may benefit people with Parkinsons
This small scale study proved that TT can be beneficial for most people with Parkinson’s

Places to Play (UK)

Anywhere: home or work
Buy a cheap expandable net off the inter web for around £10 to get started

Ping! in public places
Check the website for your nearest Ping! table

PingPong Parlours
Available for free in dozens of shopping centres across the UK (a kind of creche for non-shoppers!)

Village Halls, Churches and Clubs
You’d be surprised how many local halls and social clubs have a table, just ask

Sports and Community Centres
Most have TT tables for hire (with equipment) and even public sessions you can join to give it a try

Table Tennis Clubs
Leagues all over the UK, under the auspices of Table Tennis England / Scotland / Wales (/ Ireland??)

Our references are responsibly sought from reliable sources.

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