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Thanks for your support to this not-for-profit venture.

Thank You

I am asking for support from donations and sponsorship for this not-for profit venture so that I can maximise the outcomes for individuals, the sport as well as the relevant charities – Parkinson’s UK and Cure Parkinsons Trust.

EXERCISE can be as good as medicine for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinsons. I’m convinced table tennis and cycling are partly why my PD progression is thankfully slow.

In the process I hope to EDUCATE and raise awareness of the benefits from EXERCISE and why table tennis is thought to be particularly good form of sports therapy.

So I wish to encourage as many people I can to ENGAGE and try table tennis as a fun way to get active for all abilities and fully exercise the brain. 

My stretch goal is to EXCEL and get a UK/England team to attend the next ITTF Foundation Parkinson’s Table Tennis World Championships.

What I Do
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